Stryk B Pistol

STRYK B is a systematically enhanced, compact and high-performance sport & carry pistol developed with a particular emphasis on technology, design and ergonomics. Its current successor, the polymer-pistol Stryk B, is not an exception to that.

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9mm Luger Ammunition by GECO

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Accuracy at it’s best: STRYK B & GECO Hexagon – the perfect match.

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The Arsenal Firearms Group is an international company that rose to prominence by producing miniature replicas of historical weapons.

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9 mm Small Arms and Handguns

Pistols belong to the most popular hand guns in shooting sport. Moreover, due to their compact size and low weight they work well in the use of security forces and police as well as for hunters.

Especially in the last years there have been some stunning developments in the market of 9 mm pistols, also using innovative technical constructions away from the mainstream Winchester Browning locking system. The Arsenal Firearms Strike One pistol is one example. It has been launched in 2012 with a totally different construction, called AF-Speedlock®. The brand new model, STRYK B, has the same technical roots, but is a compact version – a next generation premium polymer pistol for sport shooting, home defence and law-enforcement.

About the History of Handguns

The word “gun” originally comes from the Czech language.

The first small arm was the tube from the 14th century, whereas its development may even lead back to the 12th century. Here, the first model was a barrel made of bronze which was filled with gunpowder and lead balls.

An important development for handguns was the invention of the wheel-lock in the 16th century. Contrary to match locks, wheel-locks enabled the firing off of guns in a safe way for the first time.

Approximately in the middle of the 19th century, the revolver revolutionised the development of pistols and at the same time marked the transition to more modern, multi-shot guns with self-loading constructions.

Popular Sport Disciplines for 9 mm Pistols

In shooting sport the 9 mm small arms belong to large caliber handguns and also to the most popular shooting disciplines.

The STRYK B pistol is a good choice for active sport shooters for dynamic and semi-dynamic disciplines, especially for IPSC Production Class or for IPSC Duty Pistols. Here is a variety of possible shooting disciplines for STRYK B:

  • Bianchi Cup
  • PPC 1500
  • Static shooting disciplines (following the disciplines and organizations of your country)
  • IPSC Shooting (Production Class and from 2018: Carry Optics Class)
    (Depending on registrations and approvals of the new STRYK B model)

The Functional Principle of Self-Loading Pistols

In the case of pistols, an 'automatic pistol', a 'semi-automatic pistol', or a 'self-loading pistol', all usually imply a handgun that is semi-automatic, self-loading, and magazine-fed with a magazine that is removable, producing one shot fired for each trigger pull.

A self-loading pistol reloads the chamber with a new round automatically each time the weapon is fired, without additional action being required by the shooter. For a semi-automatic pistol, this is typically accomplished by recoil operation lifting the next round automatically in the firing chamber. The locking system moves back and forth or is rotating, depending on the construction of the locking system.

A semi-automatic pistol will fire only one shot per trigger pull, in contrast to a "fully automatic" machine pistol, which continues to fire as long as the trigger is held or until all rounds have been fired.

The unique feature of the STRYK B pistol is its innovative AF-Speedlock slide, which ensures that the handgun’s barrel cycles in a straight line from front to rear without tilting. The pistol is locked by vertical movement of the locking block, which is not firmly attached to the barrel.

9mm Pistol STRYKB